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What is the difference between solid (one-piece) drill pipe and friction welded drill pipe?



The friction welding drill pipe is made of two drill pipes connected together by friction welding technology (under the action of pressure, the temperature of the friction interface of the workpiece to be welded and its vicinity increases, so that the material is plastically deformed, accompanied by the material It is a solid-state welding method that produces plastic rheology and realizes welding through molecular diffusion and recrystallization at the interface.) The weld can reach the strength of the forged structure, which can theoretically be comparable to the base metal.

The integral drill pipe is one-piece. The drill pipe joint and the drill pipe body of the integral drill pipe are directly connected with male and female buckles. The thickened structure of the drill pipe body, the outer wall and the inner wall of the drill pipe joint are all integral thickened structures. , the processing technology is that the male buckle end is firstly heated at intermediate frequency in two times, forged and thickened, and ground, and then intermediate frequency heating is carried out in two times, and the cake is thickened; Thicken, grind, then heat at medium frequency, thicken the iron, and process the thread after grinding. The drill pipe and the joint of the invention do not need friction welding, and do not need to carry out post-welding related processing, which simplifies the processing technology and reduces the cost of processing equipment. Direct connection ensures the air tightness and strength of the connection, and correspondingly reduces the outer diameter of the drill pipe joint

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